Why are we trespassing?

In the summer of 2007, Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett teamed up to produce "On The Lot," an American Idol-style reality show competition for independent filmmakers. With professional film crews and resources, contestants were given the challenge of making a weekly short film based on a provided logline.

After failing to make the initial cut, Brendon Fong and Craig Ouellette decided to found Trespassing On The Lot, a project dedicated to filming shorts within the same guidelines, but without a comparable budget, to prove that with great ideas and enough creativity, even the little guy can keep pace with the Hollywood machine.  Assembling a group of their talented friends, Craig and Brendon wrote, directed, and edited twelve shorts in fourteen weeks, which span across multiple genres, emotions, and even the globe. 

"On The Lot" was canceled, maxing out at a meager 2.9 million viewers, but so many people were creatively motivated by the rumblings at the lab, that we've decided to keep the momentum going, continuing to produce entertaining content for mass consumption on a regular basis.  Why wait for an invite to the studio system, when you can slip in the side door?  Welcome to Trespassing On The Lot…

This is a joint project between Rufus The Cat Films and Kid-O Films