Meet The Trespassers
Brendon Fong is the founder of Rufus The Cat Films, where he has gained a reputation for fun, witty shorts that reveal the quirky side of the most mundane circumstances, such as Speed Trap, Dipstick, and The Hot Dog Patriot. Brendon graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Film and Digital Media and a minor in Theater Arts over five years ago... He immediately moved to Los Angeles, where "the magic happens," to pursue a lifelong dream of making film runs at rush hour, delivering lunch plates to stars in trailers, and picking up after a fairly well known commercial director's dogs (sometimes without the luxury of paper towels!). During one of his days serving the 18 hour version of the "great director's standby," he realized five years of PA work only begot more PA work and "paying your dues," tends to feel tedious when the people directly above you seem eager to create new ways of hazing the groundlings below. Since then, he's been putting his filmmaking skills to work, shooting short films for pleasure, incorporating movie making into team building events, and developing those features that may one day find themselves on the big screen. One of the founders of Trespassing On The Lot, he's excited to bring humor and a little touch of cynicism to each short.
Craig Ouellette ( is the founder of Kid-O films and the director of the unbelievably touching documentary The Closer She Gets (Official Selection, Slamdance Film Festival), which chronicles his mother's fight with brain cancer and the journey's effect on his immediate family.  His love and dedication towards his craft spawned several short films while attending college in Iowa, including quite a few action films, as well as "FOOD SERVICE: The Musical". In addition to film, Craig loves to travel both in and out of the country. He has visited over 20 countries including Estonia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Bolivia & Peru. His trip to Russia last year yielded spectacular locations for the Season 1 film "Lady CarLove". He also loves to dance and sing Karaoke. As another founder of Trespassing On The Lot, Craig's particular interest in the action and horror genres will bring frenetic energy and unimaginable creativity to the table.
Jared Young ( is an LA singer/songwriter who hails from Little Rock, Arkansas, by way of Nashville, Tennesee.  Always being one to support his friends and keep them inspired, Jared bit the bullet and started producing Brendon's short films two years ago, as a way of making sure some of the ideas being pitched in his direction wouldn't go to waste.  With a natural charisma that allows him to befriend everyone he meets, Jared has been able to host many events across the country, for companies ranging from Nestle and Universal Studios to Indymac Bank.  The third founding member of Trespassing On The Lot, Jared will be putting his hosting skills to work, introducing each weekly segment, as well as taking the audience on a trip behind the scenes of each short.
Joel Bryant is an actor/comedian originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico. After winning Outstanding Actor at the New Mexico Theatre Festival, he was offered a theatre scholarship from Pepperdine University. He headed west and graduated magna cum laude in three years with a B.A. in acting. Trained in improv at the L.A. Connection (Best Newcomer in 2001), Joel is a co-founder and member of the award-winning improv duo Composte Comedy Heap ( with Deven Green, with whom he has toured colleges and clubs all over the U.S., with headlining gigs at The Comedy Store, The Icehouse, and The Ha Ha Club, among others. After fighting in the trenches alongside the Trespassing On The Lot Crew in its infancy (providing feedback for scripts and consistently making windows in his busy schedule for shoots), it seemed only natural that he join the crew, as he's already been a creative staple in 90% of the projects.